Heritage From the Lord

— HEART TO HEART— Congratulations Caleb and Cam on the public dedication of their child -Indie Fox McLean! And also, congratulations to Mike and Angel Sterritt on the birth of their long anticipated son, Justice Dean Michael, born early Tuesday morning. Children are a heritage from the Lord. Malachi 2:15 states, “Did He not make them one, (speaking of a husband and wife)… and why one? He seeks godly offspring.” These children are a gift from God to these parents to raise them for the Lord. The Lord loves it when a husband and wife unite together and produce children for His honor and His glory. Our job as a church is to come alongside parents and children in unconditional love, guidance, direction, encouragement, prayers and challenge so that they love God, love their family, love the church, love the Word and Spirit of God and love themselves for the glory of God. Let’s join together today. Pastor Allen

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