A New Drive

—HEART TO HEART— Tomorrow is Columbus Day. We know that Columbus did not actually ‘discover’ America. There were people already here. We also know that his purpose was mostly to establish a new trade route to India. But we also know that he was a very religious man. When he landed in the Caribbean he claimed the land for Spain and for God. In the next 200 years Spain sent over 15,000 missionaries to the Americas. In a recent book by Carol Delany of Brown University she states that Columbus wanted to find gold  in the New World to finance a new crusade to recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims, believing that Jerusalem must be in Christian hands before Jesus’ Second Coming. Their spiritual understanding may have been off, but the missions zeal is commendable. This Columbus Day, let’s pray for a new drive to evangelize the lost around us and to all the world until Jesus comes. –Pastor Allen

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