Generosity Update

—HEART TO HEART— Don’t you hate it when people ask you to pray for someone and then never tell you what happened or how they are doing? You may be praying for some time and finally you ask how they are doing, only to hear the response, “Oh, they died long time ago.” Or, have you given to a project only to hear nothing back from them – often not even a thank you. Here at Life in Christ we want to be as transparent as possible. We want to say thank you for praying, for participating, and for giving. Last Sunday, because of your generosity, we were able to give our missionary Darrell Blatchley a check for $950 as he continues to minister at Family Circus in the Philippines. The Royal Ranger banquet a couple Sundays ago cleared around $1400 that will go to help support the program throughout the year. Thank you so much for your giving heart. –Pastor Allen

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