Redeeming the Time

—HEART TO HEART— Good Morning! Did you get an extra hour of sleep or did you stay up an extra hour? We can play with time but we can’t stop it. Time is the measure of our lives. We will be held accountable by the Lord on how we have used our time. We are commanded to “redeem the time because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:16) In other words, we are to buy it back (the definition of redeem). So many have a saved soul and a wasted life. The world, the devil, our responsibilities, our friends and family, our entertainment, often steal our time. How much time do we waste that could have been better spent? Every day, possibly many times a day, we need to purposely give our time to the Lord. Ask Him what He wants us to do with this precious, fleeting commodity. It’s only here once and then it’s gone. Thank you for using this time to be at Life in Christ. –Pastor Allen

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