Four Kinds of Hearts


 Are you ready for good seed to come into your life? Jesus gives the parable of the four kinds of receptivity, which really is four kinds of hearts. The first is those who care little about what is being said and Satan immediately snatches the seed so it has no effect. The second is those who like what they hear and receive the word but they don’t invest time, study or meditation into it. Consequently, nothing goes very deep and when hard times come they wither away. The third is those who actually have pretty good soil and great potential. They even spring up pretty well, but they don’t have clear focus. They allow so many other things in their life that the good word is choked out and they don’t produce much. The fourth is what we want to be. They receive the Word of God eagerly and joyfully with a clear focus of producing a harvest. What kind of soil are you this morning?   

Pastor Allen


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