God Will Make a Way


The children of Israel were led to an impasse. Unless God intervened, they were sitting ducks to the Egyptian army. But God opened the Red Sea. God led them into the wilderness where there was no water. They could die. But God intervened and caused water to flow out of the rock. God led them to cross the Jordon at flood stage. Couldn’t God have chosen a less difficult time? No, He chose one of the most difficult times to cross for a purpose. In their history, there was always enemies and numbers way too big for them to conquer. This was by God’s design. You may be facing giants in your life. Do not fear. God is in this. He always gives the victory. Often He chooses the hard way so that we will come to the end of ourselves and trust only in Him. Then He gets all the glory. Trust Him to make a way.

Pastor Allen


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