Progress Means Change


Remember last Sunday I wrote on how hard it is to move forward without purpose. In fact, if you don’t have purpose you don’t even know which way is actually going forward. In all we do, our purpose as individuals and as a church is to advance the Kingdom of God. By nature, I am a conservative. 
 I actually like things to remain as they are. There is a certain security and safety in that. However, an old proverb says, “Behold the turtle, he doesn’t make progress until he sticks his neck out.” Progress means change. Change is most always uncomfortable at first. If you don’t want any waves, just don’t move. Let things remain the same. But that is not advancing
anything except stagnation. Our purpose is clear. Behind all we do and all we give is to see our friends, our family, our neighbors come to know Jesus in a more relevant way. Thanks for joining us in the change.

Pastor Allen


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