Instructions From God’s Word


Are you tired of hearing about the Coronavirus yet? There are two extremes in this. One says, “It will never touch me.” The other says, “Oh no! I’m going to get it and die.” Life is uncertain. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people were as concerned with their eternal destiny as they are with the Coronavirus? We really can’t say for sure whether any of us will be infected or not. But we can be assured that we all will expire from this life and meet our Maker. After that, the judgment. Just as words of actions to prevent being infected come from our government so it is that we have clear instructions in God’s Word to cleanse us from sin and to keep us pure and clean. It’s time we take the Word of God as serious as we do directives from our government. It’s time to be cleansed and made pure by the blood of Jesus. Romans 6:23.

Pastor Allen


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