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Life's Highest Purpose

by J. W. Jepson, D.Min.

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The disciples had seen it all. The open tomb. Gravewrappings empty, yet undisturbed. Angels. Jesus himself--alive.

Then there was the Galilee encounter. Yes, it was Jesus. The wounds were there. He was still human, but no longer limited by the constraints of His humanity.

But this meeting in Galilee had a special agenda. It was about the future, their future. About God’s grand design and their place in it. About life’s highest purpose.

Jesus instructed them, "Go and make disciples of all nations...." (Matthew 28:19). They already were disciples. Now they would make disciples. It was worldwide evangelism and nurture. What a challenge.

A disciple is someone who is committed to a master, who follows him closely, and learns and lives his ways. All genuine Christians are disciples.

Before conversion, a person can move toward discipleship. After conversion a person should grow in discipleship. But the step into discipleship is an act of faith - an act that involves the set of the soul.

The call of Jesus Christ has always been a call to decisive discipleship. The gospel call is a call to trust Christ for pardon and justification. The result is eternal life, the free gift of God. (See Romans 6:23.) When we turn to Christ, we turn from sin. Discipleship then is a life of holiness lived with an honest heart in conformity with the truth as we have light on the truth.

Jesus did not wait for volunteers. He went into the busy places of life and issued to ordinary people - people like you and me - the summons to discipleship.

He is calling you... now. What a privilege to say yes to your Savior and Lord. Answer the high calling and live life’s highest purpose.

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