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Wrong Way...Do Not Enter!

by J. W. Jepson, D.Min.

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copyright � 2001 by J. W. Jepson

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It had been over an hour since the sun had slipped behind the mountains of southwest Oregon.

We were on our way to Medford for a youth rally. I was driving one car. A few miles behind, my wife was at the wheel of another. Both cars were full.

As we drove along the freeway, suddenly we met a car going the wrong way!

Off-ramps of Oregon freeways are well marked by signs with bright red letters warning: "Wrong way-do not enter." Yet somehow this driver had managed to stray up one of these ramps and was headed for possible tragedy!

Then I thought: My wife and her group! In a matter of moments that wrong-way car would reach them! What if my wife were in the passing lane?

My heart was in my throat. I breathed an earnest prayer for divine protection.

Then I tried to figure out what to do. I wanted desperately to alert the Oregon State Police so they could stop the erratic vehicle before it hit another car. But no phone was in sight.

I parked my car and waited for my wife to arrive. Time dragged on. The moments crawled by. It seemed like an eternity.

Finally, here they came, safe and sound! A wave of relief swept through me.

Had they seen the wrong-way car? No, they hadn’t. Evidently the driver had discovered his error and had turned around in time, avoiding disaster.

Silently I thanked God it was all over.

Of course, no right-minded person would knowingly drive the wrong way on a freeway. It would be foolhardy.

But every day millions of people persist in doing something far more reckless! They ignore the plain teaching of the Bible.

At Calvary God opened up the road to heaven. The signs point: "One Way." That way is Jesus Christ.

The signs in the opposite direction all warn. "Wrong way-do not enter. "Yet many people have chosen eternal consequences!

The Holy Spirit, heaven’s gracious Policeman, is doing everything possible to stop them and head them in the right direction before they wreck themselves and others.

Christians are frantically trying to flag them down with the gospel.

The wreckage of those who would not turn back is strewn everywhere. The red flares are burning. Yet on they go, crashing through every roadblock that heaven and earth erect.

"That’s horrible," you say.

Very true! But, friend, how about yourself? Which way are you headed?

Have you accepted Jesus Christ, the "One Way" to eternal life? Are you traveling His way? Or are you going the wrong way-your own way?

Perhaps the Holy Spirit has arrested your heart this very moment. It’s for your good. He wants to head you in the right direction. He wants to bring you to Jesus, the merciful Saviour.

Remember. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me" (John 14:6).

Will you come His way-right now?

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